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Hendrick’s Bibliophilic Reposorium

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In today’s age of instant (and un-gratifying) gratification, the book is more important than ever. Here are three books that will make your shelves sigh with unbridled appreciation. What greater pleasure than a cocktail in one hand, an unusual book in the other and an hour away from the pericanacious worries of the modern age?

Ulrich Haarbürste’s Novel of Roy Orbison in Clingfilm
Simple pleasures are the most powerful, and what could be simpler than the desire to wrap the ‘Big O’ in clingfilm? Each of these witty and bizarre stories culminates in just such an act, and all with the help of the hero’s pet terrapin, Jetta.

Caution-  We do not advise readers to wrap any iconic singers in any culinary films.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
This tale of devilish absurdity, social satire and unexpected events has become a classic of Soviet literature. ‘Heart of a Dog’ is another (slightly lesser known) book by Bulgakov that is also well worth a read. Both books share a gleefully anarchic universe of transmutation that projects a well-aimed kick into the shins of bureaucracy.

Viktor Wynd's Cabinet of Wonders
We are unabashed fans of the great Viktor Wynd and his unusual museum, so we were delighted to see a coffee table (or rather gin table) tome recording his macabre collection with luxurious photography and insightful words.This is the perfect book for connoisseurs of the unusual. 

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