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For sale old map inadvertently put in washing machine. Ideal for adventurous people looking to get lost.

Time traveller seeks companion Mary, please do not apply to this advert, that would end up with you being tortured by the Spanish Inquisition. You should instead take up that upholstery course you’ve been looking at.

Upholstery course If you are interested in the creative and practical skill of traditional upholstery then get in touch. Courses start in December. Contact Tomás de Torquemada:

Mary! Actually DO NOT join the upholstery class. I have changed the course of history (soz!) and you should indeed become my companion.

Do you find life tedious? Well, I’m the man for you. I am boring, lacking in imagination and timid. We could share a dull life together.

Erotic poet seeks tupperware storage. Long story, don’t ask.

Found Assorted rubbish, bin bags and rotting cardboard boxes. I will keep them for two weeks before handing them in to the local police station.

For sale Five ton rabbit by the name of ‘Dr Pickles’. Some anger management issues. £24.00 plus postage.

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