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In The Dark Heart of A Dream

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All of us do dark and untidy things in our dreams. We cheat. We lie. We harm and seduce. In fact, if you have never spent time on the dark side in your sleep life, by all means do so at once. Dreams furnish humanity with the ideal arena for darkness of all sorts. After extended research at the Hendrick’s Institute for Dark Dream Studies, we have come up with a list of suggestions:

1. Lock spouse in trunk, eat chocolate cake, turn on all the kitchen appliances and dance riotously in the nude.

2. Join Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde for a cup of tea on the deck of the Titanic after saving the ship from sinking with a surprisingly absorbent handkerchief.

3. Journey to the Red Planet and investigate the heinous human abductions of alien rocks.

4. Bathe in champagne with an assemblage of beautiful individuals of both sexes while Miles Davis plays for you.

5. Have a passionate affair on a submarine with a fire dancer.

6. Paint your tongue and lick people of all sorts.

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