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A Gin made Oddly

Our 11 botanicals and their curious secrets

Blog image of Our 11 botanicals and their curious secrets Eleven botanicals combine in symphonic sublimity to tickle our sensory geisthavens each time we drink Hendrick’s Gin. Each of these natural flavours has a secret or two, so let’s pop on our folkloric sleeping hat and take a little nighttime walk to the Hendrick’s garden to find out more. Read more
Investigations into Cucumber & Rose

Roses Are Read

Blog image of Roses are Read, Words Are Perfumed: A Romantic History of The Rose The most famous flower haunts our unconscious, graces our playing cards, and in the form of tattoos, decorates a million bodies. We met up with ‘scrivener’ and illustrator Sarah Bowerman to learn more about roses and their romantic history.“The rose is a symbolic figure so rich in meaning that by now it hardly has any meaning left.” Read more
Investigations into Cucumber & Rose

The Unromantic Rose

Blog image of The Unromantic Rose We have certain expectations of a rose. A rose is expected to be silent, fragrant and short-lived. But not all roses play by these rules. For example, the Rackamanian Tiger Rose is the loudest flower in nature with a roar as full-throated as a jet fighter taking-off. The Rotting Cow Rose has a stench so foul it has been banned. The Sumerian Cleobulus Rose stays in bloom for 130 years. Read more
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