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Investigations into Cucumber & Rose

Roses Are Read

Blog image of Roses are Read, Words Are Perfumed: A Romantic History of The Rose

The most famous flower haunts our unconscious, graces our playing cards, and in the form of tattoos, decorates a million bodies. We met up with ‘scrivener’ and illustrator Sarah Bowerman to learn more about roses and their romantic history.“The rose is a symbolic figure so rich in meaning that by now it hardly has any meaning left.”

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Investigations into Cucumber & Rose

The Unromantic Rose

Blog image of The Unromantic Rose

We have certain expectations of a rose. A rose is expected to be silent, fragrant and short-lived. But not all roses play by these rules. For example, the Rackamanian Tiger Rose is the loudest flower in nature with a roar as full-throated as a jet fighter taking-off. The Rotting Cow Rose has a stench so foul it has been banned. The Sumerian Cleobulus Rose stays in bloom for 130 years.

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