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The Unusual Times

Chamber of Invention

Obscure Sports

Blog image of Obscure Sports That Deserve a Renaissance

Ballooning, cannon-shooting, fire-fighting, kite-flying and pigeon-racing were all featured as ‘demonstration and unofficial sports’ in the 1900 Olympic Games. With these unusual competitive pastimes in mind we take a look at some other remarkable sports which deserve a renaissance.

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Our Favourite Odd Places

Barcrawl Through History

Blog image of A semi- Mendacious Pata-Imbibetratorial Barcrawl  Through History

A man walks into a bar. Since the first bar was opened in antiquity over 7 billion men, and an equal number of women, have walked into bars. It is believed that the very first bar, which opened in 5000 BCE in Mesopotamia, had no card machine and a limited spirits menu.  According to Roman Historian Plony the Welder, many bars in ancient Rome had a novel queuing system: patricians were allowed to jump to the front, but only on the condition that they bought drinks for five plebeians (and nuts if required).

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Fiction & Drollery

How to prepare for the end of the world

Blog image of How to prepare for the end of the world

When our beloved sun dies in 5 billion years, it will grow as bloated as an uncle at a wedding lunch. It will incinerate Mercury and Venus, and maybe Earth too. If we avoid this fate, we will still be torn to pieces as we are dragged into the electron-degeneracy of the white dwarf our sun will have, by then, become. 

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Peculiar People

Why gin drinkers are splendid

Blog image of Unscientific reasons why gin drinkers are splendid

“When Einstein destroyed belief in ether, gin took over as the fifth element”
— Aurelio Calzada, ‘Maravilloso is the evening’

Men are from cat people and women are from dog people.  You can complete a million online personality tests to determine which President, horror film character or Byzantine pickle you are.

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Fiction & Drollery

The Candleholders of Destiny

Blog image of The Candleholders of Destiny: a seasonal horror-detective-cocktail story

Inspector Goose shook the snow from her coat as she entered the cocktail bar. She placed her hat down and looked across the barroom. As she walked across the room, her one wooden leg tapped a flamenco rhythm on the wooden floor.

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Fiction & Drollery

A Cad's Guide to Halloween

Blog image of A Cad's Guide to Halloween

Halloween, officially known as International Monsters Night, is the second scariest time of the year (the morning of New Year’s Day being the most ghoulish). Any cad worth his, her or its salt will use this night of witchery and jiggery-pokery to create mischief and further his, her or its own cause.

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