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Obscure Sports

Blog image of Obscure Sports That Deserve a Renaissance

Ballooning, cannon-shooting, fire-fighting, kite-flying and pigeon-racing were all featured as ‘demonstration and unofficial sports’ in the 1900 Olympic Games. With these unusual competitive pastimes in mind we take a look at some other remarkable sports which deserve a renaissance.

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Chamber of Invention

Patent Wending #1

Blog image of Patent Wending #1: Five Inventions We Would Like to See in the Real World

In the interest of the apallaneous befurtherment of pata-extraneous* technology we prepose that all inventors stop what they are doing immediately and begin work on the following:

1) A device that switches off all your information technology devices at 22:00 hours, runs you a bath and sets your book on your pillow.

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Chamber of Invention

My Speedboat Is Stuck In The Sky

Blog image of My Speedboat Is Stuck In The Sky: The Astonishing World of Anti-Gravity

If you’ve ever dropped a bowling ball on your winklepickers (while wearing them) or fallen down a flight of stairs, you will know that gravity is not always your friend.

Few are brave enough to challenge gravity to a fight, yet here are two quixotic heroes seeking vengeance for Newton’s bruised head. 

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