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Getting Kicked Out of a dinner party

Blog image of The Cad's Guide To Getting Kicked Out of A Dinner Party

You cannot consider yourself a true bounder or cad until you have been politely asked to leave a luncheon or dinner party. Here are some idiot-proof gaffes, faux pas and gaucherie that will have you outside in the rain within minutes.

1. Leap on the table and make a pass at the spouse of the host or hostess....

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Fiction & Drollery

high quality reasons to lie

Blog image of A List Of High-Quality Reasons To Lie

Because someone that size is likely to react violently

Because if you do not locate and recover the precious stones, the kidnappers will certainly not release your pet ermine

Because you are a rather fabulous storyteller, and frequent lying only helps to improve your craft

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Fiction & Drollery

Hovercraft, Ball Lightning and High Tea at the Manor House: The adventures of Bottle 542B

Blog image of Hovercraft, Ball Lightning and High Tea at the Manor House: The adventures of Bottle 542B

Bottle 542B was a very handsome thing. As Bothain the bottle-top screwer lovingly inserted the cork, he knew this bottle was destined for special things; Bottle 542B knew it too. Bothain tapped the bottle and whispered:‘You’ll make someone a fine gin & tonic one day’. He bade goodnight to the bottles and switched the light off in the distillery.

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Fiction & Drollery

The Cautionary Tale of Bottle 416E

Blog image of The Cautionary Tale of Bottle 416E

Bottle 416E was a renegade. He would argue that black was white, or white was black, or that a gherkin was a pickle.A plucky young vessel, he was what some would describe as gallus (a Scots word to describe a confident and rather impressive rascal). The story of bottle 416E should serve as a cautionary tale to any gin bottles that believe they know better than humans.

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