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The Unusual Times

Our Favourite Odd Places

Barcrawl Through History

Blog image of A semi- Mendacious Pata-Imbibetratorial Barcrawl  Through History

A man walks into a bar. Since the first bar was opened in antiquity over 7 billion men, and an equal number of women, have walked into bars. It is believed that the very first bar, which opened in 5000 BCE in Mesopotamia, had no card machine and a limited spirits menu.  According to Roman Historian Plony the Welder, many bars in ancient Rome had a novel queuing system: patricians were allowed to jump to the front, but only on the condition that they bought drinks for five plebeians (and nuts if required).

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Our Favourite Odd Places

The Mortal Perlis of Hell

Blog image of A Review of The Mortal Perlis of Hell

After an unlikely chain of incidences culminating with a mind-numbing clout on the head, Miles Orvis was medically dead for 6 hours before being resuscitated.

“First off, the food is excellent, exceedingly rich and well prepared. But the serving sizes are miniscule; often just half a bite and they take it away. There is nowhere to sit and the whole place is noisy.

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Our Favourite Odd Places

In The Dark Heart of A Dream

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All of us do dark and untidy things in our dreams. We cheat. We lie. We harm and seduce. In fact, if you have never spent time on the dark side in your sleep life, by all means do so at once. Dreams furnish humanity with the ideal arena for darkness of all sorts. After extended research at the Hendrick’s Institute for Dark Dream Studies, we have come up with a list of suggestions:

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