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Why gin drinkers are splendid

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“When Einstein destroyed belief in ether, gin took over as the fifth element”
— Aurelio Calzada, ‘Maravilloso is the evening’

Men are from cat people and women are from dog people.  You can complete a million online personality tests to determine which President, horror film character or Byzantine pickle you are.

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Peculiar People

a toast to our heroina

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Known for her rather indefinable parties and achievements undersea. Ms. Carrera’s monthly dinner salons assembled politicians, scientists, psychics, inventors and primates.

She was also the leading diver of her day, having recovered gold and jewelry from well over 40 shipwrecks.

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Peculiar People

How Did Seaweed Win The War?

Blog image of How Did Seaweed Win The War? The Very Silly True Story of Geoffrey Tandy

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” Groucho Marx.

How did seaweed win the war? The very silly true story of Geoffrey Tandy.

In World War II, Germany’s ‘unbreakable’ codes gave it tremendous power; to counter this, Britain’s secret service put many of its sharpest minds to work in an effort to crack them. They scoured the country looking for experts on ‘cryptograms'...

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Peculiar People

Lilian Russell: The Goddess

Blog image of Lilian Russell: The Goddess, the Gormandizer and the Golden bicycle of the Gilded Age

Who was the woman who rode around Central Park on a golden bejewelled bicycle? The true story of the aberrant starlet of vaudeville, Lillian Russell. 

Mark Twain described America in the 1870s as being in the ‘Gilded Age’; he defined this era as a time when widespread ills were hidden beneath a thin gold gilding. During this age, which lasted until the turn of the century, the most desired sex-symbol was one Lillian Russell.

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