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The Miscellany of the Damned

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The universe is a vast octopus whose tentacles reach out in the most surprising directions. Let’s dip our pataphysical wafer into a salty caviar of Jungian coincidences and diabolical irrelevances as we hopscotch into oblivion. Put down your banoffee pie, send an apology note to your chiropractor and let us ride the doomed zoetrope into The Miscellany of the Damned.

The Emperor of Surrealism (and proud owner of an ocelot named Babou) Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a friend of the greatest figure in 20th Century brassiere development, Caresse Crosby (1891-1970).

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Peculiar People

tale of england's nostradamus

“Carriages without horses shall go, And accidents fill the world with woe. Around the world thoughts shall fly, In the twinkling of an eye.”

In this neat little poem, 16th Century prophetess Mother Shipton seemed to predict the introduction of the car and the coming of modern telecommunication (not bad for someone born in a cave in Yorkshire in 1486).

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Peculiar People

What Has The Explorer Charles Brewer-Carías Ever Done For Us? Part 2

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There are  twenty-eight species of reptile, scorpion, amphibian, insects and plants named after Charles Brewer-Carías.

Of these, one of the strangest is Hydrolutos breweri, a giant flightless cricket that lives partially underwater discovered in his expeditions to the world’s largest quartzite cave (which was also discovered by and named after Charles Brewer-Carías).

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