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Charles Brewer-Carias: Part 3

Blog image of What Has The Explorer Charles Brewer- Carías Ever Done For Us? Part 3

In the earlier tributes to Charles Brewer-Carías we looked at the concrete contributions that the great man has made (and continues to make) to many of the sciences, but his greatest achievement is a little more nebulous and arguably a great deal more important: by being a modern Renaissance Man he has reminded us all, that.....

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Peculiar People

En Garde! Unusual Moments of Duelling History

Blog image of En Garde! Unusual Moments of Duelling History

Duelling was the noble and utterly daft ritual of fighting for one’s (or one’s loved-ones’) honour by entering into formalised, and often lethal, one-on-one combat. It is commonly thought that it was a strictly male pursuit, but female-versus-female contests (sometimes described as ‘petticoat duels’) did take place. In 1792, one Lady Almeria Braddock duelled Mrs Elphinstone in London’s Hyde Park. The cause of the disagreement was a difference of opinion as to Lady Braddock’s age.

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