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Silent Films!

Blog image of Bring Back Silent Films!

Tired of being sledge-hammered with the clamorous cacophony of the modern cinema? Sick of 45-speaker surround systems drowning your ears in polyphonic car crashes? We plea for a return to the civilised world of silent films.

As the famously back-footed mime artist Arisztid Bajusz once said, sometimes a step backwards is a step forward. With this counterintuitive truism in mind we look to see how we could improve the cinematic experience.

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Fiction & Drollery

Frightening medical practices

Blog image of Frightening medical practices people once paid for

Before you complain about your doctor, thank your lucky stars you were born in this age. Had you the misfortune to be born in earlier ages, you may well have had to endure cures that included halved dead mice, holes drilled in your skull, or a large chunk of tongue being ripped from your head. 

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Fiction & Drollery

Hendrick's Unclassified Ads

Blog image of Hendrick's Unclassified Ads

For sale old map inadvertently put in washing machine. Ideal for adventurous people looking to get lost.

Time traveller seeks companion Mary, please do not apply to this advert, that would end up with you being tortured by the Spanish Inquisition. You should instead take up that upholstery course you’ve been looking at.

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Fiction & Drollery

How to Insult People

Blog image of How to Insult People: A Ladies' guide

​Bridge evenings and cocktail parties are dangerous occasions and there are times when a lady must verbally defend herself from the manners of the uncouth. In social skirmishes one must have a ready armoury of barbed comments and spirited put-downs, and be prepared to deploy them with glacial efficacy.  A great insult is like a great firework: the onlooker watches the lead-up with curiosity before being overwhelmed by the explosive force and majesty that follows. Following these simple steps will leave you victorious in the cut-and-thrust of society conversation.

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Fiction & Drollery

Japanese Urban Legends

Blog image of Japanese Urban Legends

From the jinmenken (human-faced dog) to the eery ‘fatal fare’ that preys on innocent taxi drivers, Japan has a wealth of sinister and exciting urban legends.

Myths of vanishing hitchhikers and backseat killers are popular all around the world. The urban myth of the ‘fatal fare’ is part of this great tradition, but with a particular twist.

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Chamber of Invention

Patent Wending #1

Blog image of Patent Wending #1: Five Inventions We Would Like to See in the Real World

In the interest of the apallaneous befurtherment of pata-extraneous* technology we prepose that all inventors stop what they are doing immediately and begin work on the following:

1) A device that switches off all your information technology devices at 22:00 hours, runs you a bath and sets your book on your pillow.

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