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Time Machine

Sebastian had worked for years on a time machine but he was getting nowhere.

Suddenly, there was a ring at the door and he opened it to his future self, holding some instructions.

It worked!


2017 Winner 1:

by Elizabeth C

Jim wanted a garden of crocuses. So he dug some holes and buried a frog in each one. Then he watered, weeded, and waited for the "spring".

2017 Winner 2:
Elephant Tea Parties

by Louise G

Elephant tea parties would be such a ball, just imagine them sat there with their hats, coats and all. But alas elephants can't hold teacups, they have no fingers to hold on a cup, I imagine they'd feel mightily fed up. So if you attend such a glorious affair just remember to bring a straws for the elephants sat there.

2017 Winner 3:

by Margarita C

Nikki had only one friend: the satellite Copernicus S-1. Copernicus S-1 abruptly ended his mission and fell into the Pacific Ocean where all the retired satellites go. Desperate to find her friend, Nikki painstakingly drained the ocean by filling its waters into billions of bottles until she found him.

2017 Winner 4:

by Christina W

For weeks the mother of dragons sat on her egg, impatiently waiting for her mob to hatch. At last she hears a promising crack, hopping fast out of the nest and looking with great eyes at the egg. But what comes to light, she is very surprised with; it has feathers instead of scales and shouts: "Cuckoo!"


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