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Dec 2013 - New York

Voyages into the Unusual

Pushing the limits of the peculiar, Hendrick's Gin delighted advocates of the Rose and Cucumber with evenings of inspiring swills, curious characters and unusual enjoyments all around as part of our 2nd annual Voyages Into the Unusual!

With an array of new and toothsome cocktails, as well as a cast of characters including a botanist who demystified the eleven botanicals found within each Hendrick's bottle, a chemist who took willing and wide-eyed guests into his oh-so-unusual Apothecary Shop, and our very own 'Hendrick's Heiress' who did… (well, we're not quite sure) in her mysterious Dark Room. Hendrick's Voyages Into The Unusual delighted and excited Unusualists around America as it set its sails for Chicago, Austin, Houston, Boston, Los Angles, Philadelphia and New York. Naturally, the tipples were of great help.

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