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Behold! The perilous botanical quest

To see more of the chronicles of our quest we invite you to click on the thumbnails below:

Charles the great

Meet the world's greatest living explorer

We sent our master distiller and global ambassador to the rainforest to forage for botanicals guided by Charles Brewer Carias, the adventurer who has discovered an entire sunken fleet of ships, species of scorpions and the world’s largest quartzite cave.

Knackered and drenched but not bitten, watch us pursue botanicals, elude tigers (and not touch caterpillars)

Watch as our adventurers put on a brave face and search for botanicals that taste sublime and will not likely kill them.

Witness David Piper bite the heads off ants, channel gods and learn the art of the blowgun

Enjoy watching as our global ambassador immerses himself in the lovely indigenous culture of Kanaracuni.

Watch us create gin from Rainforest plants (and the debut of the venezuelan guyana's first cocktail bar)

Wherein master distiller Leslie Gracie and global ambassador David Piper gather odd plants, make many distillation attempts, bathe in leech-infested waters and create a rather extraordinary martini.

Small plane on a field with a mountain in the background

Boat filled with explorers traveling down the river

Red and blue flower found in the Rainforest

Charles talking to David and Lesley in a hut

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